And the Slam was Dunked

So as the title suggests, I had the fortune of being present at Slam Dunk Festival in Hatfield yesterday.

I am about 61% sure that it was one of the most brilliantly memorable days of my life.

Not only was the music incredible, but all of the crowds were electric and there was an atmosphere of love and community no matter who was playing or what stage it was. That’s also the case for the bands there; they were hanging out with fans and having just as great of a time as we were.¬†

Oh and somehow I ended up with an 18+ wristband without being I.D checked? And I’m 16? That was a great start.

Lower than Atlantis almost got my skull fractured (love it), Say Anything were the physical embodiment of perfection, Of Mice and Men smashed their set. Don Broco were without doubt the most entertaining, funny and frankly insane live band I’ve come across. (Saw loads of other amazing bands but to list them all would take a long time! But Transit and The Story So Far blew my mind..)

Of course, seeing my childhood hero - Charlie Simpson - perform acoustic was mesmerizing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Architects, Into It Over It, Joe from Transit and Austin Carlile from Of Mice And Men (who is just an all-round great guy)! It was one of those situations when you are torn between trying to act cool and composed so they don’t feel aggrivated, and completely spazzing out and making the most of the opportunity. By some miracle I think I managed to find the right balance!

Definitely a day to remember.

Great Music. Great people. Great vibes.

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